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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Open Sesame

Its looks are little deceiving, but once you take the first bite, you’re hooked. I went to a Mexican restaurant, and ordered chili relleno. It was delicious, but I wanted to make it better. I used a green bell pepper instead of a chile to make a stuffed Mexican pepper. First, I cleaned out the pepper, and then I roasted it in the oven until it was soft. I stuffed it with yellow Goya rice, sautéed shredded chicken, salsa, and four different cheeses. After I finished stuffing, I inserted the pepper back in the oven for melting action. Once the stuffed pepper was cooled, I was able to say the magic words “open sesame”. I grabbed my knife and cut the Mexican pepper open. The insides oozed out onto the plate, and it looked amazing. I could not wait to take the first bite, so be careful if you try to make this dish because you will get scolded. Enjoy!

FYI: Further Details...

FOOD TIP: Green bell peppers are considered fruit.


  1. Sounds like i need to go grocery shopping, this sounds great

  2. Yes!!! I think you should definitely make a trip to the store because this dish was so gooood. It was my first time making it, and I have already started brainstorming ideas to make it even better. I appreciate the feedback, and thank you for visiting A Taste of Heaven. I hope you like future posts as well. Have a great day!!!