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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Brag Away

I know you guys are still feasting your eyes on the chocolate melting cake from last week; but I have a new dessert to brag about. This taste of heaven is old fashioned apple pie with vanilla ice cream and roasted almonds. I've never been a lover of dessert, but I realize that there are some great sweets that exist out there. Apple pie is classic in my book because it takes some of the simplest ingredients and composes them into a slice of heaven. Personally, I love pairing my apple pie with ice cream and caramel drizzles. The warmness from the apples pairs well with the coldness of the vanilla and the powdered sugar seals the deal. Hmm Hmm Good!

FOOD TIP: I recommend using Granny Smith apples in your next apple pie.  


  1. Looks yummy! I'm not a big lover of desserts (same as you) but you got my by roasted almonds and carmel drizzles :) Superb!

  2. I actually had two pictures of the apple pie, but this was obviously the better shot; the other photo had the ice cream and almonds showing. Sweets are NOT at the top of my list, but I'll make some exceptions for the caramel drizzles and the nuts.:D I'm glad you like the today's post and I hope you like future ones as well. Come back to visit A Taste of Heaven and have a great day!