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Monday, March 19, 2012


My audience drives me to explore new restaurants. I have a friend named Franco that started her own blog. She had some great photos of pizza, and she persuaded me to venture off to a pizzeria. This taste of heaven is called Basilico. Its garlic infused olive oil pizza with mozzarella cheese, Roma tomatoes, and fresh basil. The pizza was a personal size, so I did not share. You can call me selfish if you like, but I enjoyed every bite. Ray’s New York Pizza offers many dishes and drinks, and I can’t wait to visit again to try something new on the menu. 

FOOD TIP: Tomatoes are considered fruit.


  1. Thanks for the link to Food on Friday

  2. Happy to contribute! This post was very popular because it was complimented with a music video for Music Monday. It was in my popular posts for a while too. I hope your viewers enjoy it as well. Thanks for the comment and feedback.