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Friday, March 2, 2012

Round 2

I made my second trip to Sushi Bites. Plated are three different kinds of sushi, which include the spider roll, the Atlantic roll, and the four season roll. The spider rolls have tempura soft shell crab, cucumber, masago, and crabstick. Then the Atlantic roll consists of red tuna, white tuna, wrapped in noir; tempura fried, then rolled with rice and seaweed with masago and tobiko (fish eggs larger than masago). On the side, aioli is served, which is a sauce with garlic, egg, and olive oil. Last, the four season roll contains shrimp tempura, cream cheese, aioli, and it’s topped with tuna, salmon, white tuna, avocado, and unagi sauce.  The unagi sauce is a reduction of eel bone broth, soy sauce, rice wine, and sugar. Overall, this taste of heaven is filled with diversity and flavor. 

FYI: Sushi Bites

FOOD TIP: Avocado will not turn grey/black if you put lemon juice on it.


  1. Mmm I love sushi bites!

  2. Thank You for telling me about this restaurant. I enjoyed every bit of it. I appreciate your comment, and I hope you like future posts. Have a great day!