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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Feature of the Week: Mar. 15-21

A Taste of Heaven would not exist if it were not for the audience, so I want to show my appreciation by dedicating Thursdays to the fans. If you eat or make a dish of your own and its camera ready, then you can email me your photos. I will review and post them on Thursday.  It’s important to remember presentation, style, and taste. I look forward to seeing your Taste of Heaven.

FYI: Email Pictures

Description: This taste of heaven is sautéed tilapia with potatoes and green beans. The veggies and taters are topped with a butter sauce and plated next to fresh tilapia. The fish is cooked until lightly golden, and it’s a healthy for the diet. I would enjoy eating this meal for a light lunch because it’s a nutritious choice. Shout out to AK for her good eating habits.

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