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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

It's Electric!

It’s been a long week, and you’re dying for a break. Well, I have the perfect solution. Every Wednesday I will offer a drink to the viewers for “Whine Down Wednesdays.” You don’t have to wait until the weekend arrives to enjoy a great drink. Take a break and have a sip of A Taste of Heaven.  

"You can't see it. It's electric! You gotta feel it. It's electric! Ooh, it's shakin'. It's electric! You gotta know it. It's electric. Boogie woogie, woogie! Now you can't hold it. It's electric. Boogie woogie, woogie!" I know you've heard this song at least twice in your lifetime. For some reason, while I was drinking an Electric Long Island, I could heard this song playing in my head. The cool blue mixture was just what I needed in the Cayman Islands. Normally, I don't drink Long Islands, but the Electric was calling my name. I'm trying to remember the ingredients, but I didn't have time to write it down while I was on vacation. (Side Note: I will upload the ingredients once I make some phone calls). 

FOOD TIP: A traditional Long Island Ice Tea has five different liquors.

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