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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Feature of the Week: Dec. 27-Jan. 2

A Taste of Heaven would not exist if it were not for the audience, so I want to show my appreciation by dedicating Thursdays to the fans. If you eat or make a dish of your own and its camera ready, then you can email me your photos. I will review and post them on Thursday.  It’s important to remember presentation, style, and taste. I look forward to seeing your Taste of Heaven.

FYI: Email Pictures...

Description: Ooooooooweeeeeee!!!!! I’ve never had a meatball sandwich before, but I’m having second thoughts now. I remember my mother use to order meatball sandwiches whenever we would visit the sub shops for dinner. I’m so greedy that I’m surprised I never stole a bite. Clearly, I've been missing out on this hardy sandwich. I would love to make my own one day; however, I would use turkey meatballs instead. Once I experiment with some recipes, I’ll post up my version of the famous meatball sandwich. Wonderful feature Grundy!!! ;D


  1. Thanks! and actually turkey is a very good idea, plus it tastes GREAT! Thank you again and keep up the good work.

  2. No, I want thank you for you submission for the feature of the week. This feature looked out of sight!!! I have a recipe idea in mind, so I'll let you know what I come up with. Thanks again for visiting A Taste of Heaven and have a great day!!! :D