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Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Deck of Cards

Fried lobster tail, asparagus, avocado, mango, spicy mayo, red Tobiko, teriyaki, and soybean wrap make up the Langosta roll at Prime Restaurant. The sushi roll is cut and scattered like a deck of cards, then it’s drizzled with spicy mayo and masago. These vibrant rolls are one of my favorites. I am a big lover of lobster, so its special appearance was a treat for me. Prime Restaurant is known for their beautiful scenery, sushi, and prime steak. Their dimmed lighting and the table setting are sexy touches in the restaurant as well. I held my graduation dinner there and my guests enjoyed the atmosphere and the cuisine the most. It's the perfect place for a romantic outing, a business lunch, or for any foodie adventure. I can’t wait to visit again.

FYI: Prime Restaurant

FOOD TIP: Lobsters shed their shells to grow.

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