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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Mable in Town

Every time my grandma comes to town, I create a list of dishes I want her to make for the family. This taste of heaven is a turkey leg with gravy, ham, collard greens, rice, and cornbread. My grandma knows how much I love gravy and rice, so she makes a large pot of rice to smother with her homemade gravy. I am the smallest one in the family, and I make the largest plate at the dinner table. Grandma always says you’re not going to eat all of that, but I always prove her wrong. I eat everything on my plate, and I come back for seconds. My grandma is retired; however, she is still working in the kitchen. I love her southern flavor and her country style. She makes every dish with love and soul because she is an All-Star. I love you Mable.

FOOD TIP: In India, rice is associated with prosperity.

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