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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Jamaican Me Crazy

I just can’t get enough of the island cuisine. It’s something about the flavors that drive me crazy. While in Sandy Springs, I visited Chef Rob’s Caribbean Café. The little restaurant has everything you can think of from the islands. Of course, I had to try a combination dinner because I wanted everything I saw on the menu. This taste of heaven is curry chicken, oxtails, cabbage, and rice with peas. Chef Rob’s Caribbean Café makes every dish fresh upon order. The oxtails are seasoned to perfection and cooked tenderly until the meat falls off the bone. Then the cabbage has a nice crunch with thin slices of carrot floating in the mix. The chicken starts off whole, but then it cut into smaller pieces and cooked with fresh curry. If I haven’t sold you yet, it gets even better when the rice and peas gets drowned in all great flavors on the plate. Now that’s what I would call good eatin’.

FYI: Chef Rob's Caribbean Cafe

FOOD TIP: Be careful when eating curry food because it will stain your clothes.

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