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Saturday, August 11, 2012

1 Year Anniversary

It's NOT my birthday, but its a celebration. A year ago, I started A Taste of Heaven. I remember having a conversation with my former boss about blogging. She encouraged me to start blogging about my food experiences. I did not know what a blog was or even how to blog. I did some research, and I opened an account with Blogger. My first post was the Steak Socrates from Marietta Diner.  It was not a big success because I did not know how to promote or market my blog properly. However, this did not stop me from posting my food adventures. I had no idea that A Taste of Heaven would reach such great success. I have learned so much, and I’ve been to so many places.  I would like to thank the audience, the social networks, the restaurants, my family, and friends for all the support. I love you guys. :D

I am kicking of The First Annual Food Awards. Every year on August 11th, I will have an award ceremony for A Taste of Heaven. The winners for 2011-2012 are listed below. 

The First Annual Food Awards


Marietta Diner, Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen, Los Reyes, Fox Sports Grill, Haru, Chili's, BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse, Henry's Louisiana Grill, Joe's on Juniper, Bahama Breeze, Bistro VG, Lenox Square Grill, Sushi Bites, Ruth's Chris, The Beautiful, Dave & Busters, Gladys and Ron Chicken & Waffles, Houlihan's, Sun Dial Restaurant Bar & View, Provino's Italian Restaurant, Edible Arrangements, Atlanta Fish Market, L. George's Coney Island, Manhattan Seafood, Blue Moon Pizza, Friday's, Two Urban Licks, Sportsline, South City Kitchen, Ray's New York Pizza, Girl Scouts, Mama Maria's Italian Grill, Fuddruckers, Jack Daniel's Distillery, Capers, Steamhouse, California Dreaming, Heineken, Marietta Fish Market, Copeland's, Prime Restaurant, Shout, Ron's BBQ & Fish, F5,Olive Garden, Tin Lizzy's Cantina, Daiquiri Factory, Taco Mac, China Taste, Hooters, StripCheeseburger in Paradise, Patron, Cheesecake Factory, Yard House, Manda, & Tropical Isle 


Best Seafood Restaurant
          *Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen
Best Soul Food Restaurant
          *South City Kitchen
Best Mexican Restaurant
          *El Ranchero Mexican Restaurant 
Best Italian Restaurant
           *Provino's Italian Restaurant
Best Pizza Restaurant
          *Blue Moon Pizza
Best Sushi Restaurant
          *Prime Restaurant
Best Sports Bar
          *Taco Mac
Best Dining Experience
          *Sun Dial Restaurant Bar & View
Best Ambiance
          *Bistro VG
Best Homemade Dish
          *Beer Belly
Best Feature of the Week
          *Feature of the Week: Feb. 23-29
Best Whine Down Wednesday
          *Jack on the Rocks
Instagram's Favorite Post
           *Secret Snaps
The Weirdest Post
          *Step out the Box
Most Popular Post
          *Feature of the Week: Feb. 23-29


  1. Congrats on your First Annual Food Awards! Your list is definitely helpful for picking places to eat or finding new interesting options.

  2. Thank you so much for your feedback. I checked out your website and I LOVE the layout. I will visiting New York sometime in November, so I hope to get a chance to visit your establishment. Thanks again for visiting A Taste of Heaven. Have a great day!