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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Finger Lickin’ Good

One thing I love about the summertime is the grills being fired up for barbeques. I had a weekend getaway to Antioch, Tennessee, and I was craving for some barbecue. This taste of heaven comes from a little hole in the wall called Ron’s BBQ & Fish. Plated are barbeque ribs, potato salad, cornbread, and macaroni and cheese. These ribs were so tender, that the meat was falling off of the bones. Ron’s BBQ & Fish uses a large barbeque pit to slowly smoke their ribs every day. When you pull up to the little restaurant, you can see the smoke and smell the flavors coming from the pit. I chose to compliment my ribs with homemade potato salad and macaroni and cheese because these sides are perfect with barbecue. Tennessee is known for having some of the best barbeque, and I think Ron’s BBQ & Fish proves this fact. I can’t wait to visit again, so I can have some more of their ribs.

FYI: Ron's BBQ & Fish

FOOD TIP: The skin of a potato contains a great deal of nutrients.

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