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Monday, April 16, 2012

Picture Perfect

I need to pat myself on the back for this taste of heaven. I snapped one picture of this dish, and it came out picture perfect. The colors, texture, and the placement of the entrĂ©e items are my favorites in this dish. Plated is grilled sirloin, steamed broccoli, loaded mashed potatoes, and Texas toast. The load mashed potatoes have fresh bacon bits, chives, and swirls of cheese drizzled on top. Then the sirloin is medium well, which means it’s cooked until a hint of pink is in the middle, and it’s complimented with A1 sauce. The broccoli is steamed perfectly; it’s not too soft, but contains a healthy crunch. On the side, I had a $5 frozen strawberry margarita to complete the late night meal. I had no complains or issues with anything. My Chili’s experience was on point.

FYI: Chili's

FOOD TIP: The head of broccoli is called a floret.         


  1. Looks very appetizing indeed. Yes, we used to have a chili's near to our home but it has now gone. Must dash, I'm hungry.

  2. It was as good as it looks. Chili's is great for a quick lunch or dinner. Thank you for your comment, and I hope you come back again. Have a great day!