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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Feature of the Week: April 26-May 2

A Taste of Heaven would not exist if it were not for the audience, so I want to show my appreciation by dedicating Thursdays to the fans. If you eat or make a dish of your own and its camera ready, then you can email me your photos. I will review and post them on Thursday.  It’s important to remember presentation, style, and taste. I look forward to seeing your Taste of Heaven.

FYI: Email Pictures

Description: This taste of heaven is called the Shrimp and Avocado salad. It’s romaine lettuce with grilled shrimp, pico de gallo, black beans, fresh jalapeƱos, avocado, feta cheese, and balsamic dressing. I have never had a salad with fresh jalapeƱos, so this feature intrigues me. I love the southwestern toppings and the choice of balsamic dressing. People normally order salads with common toppings, but I think the Shrimp and Avocado salad is adventurous. When I went to Taco Mac I ordered the Chopped Cobb Salad, but next time I’m ordering this Feature of the Week.

FYI: Taco Mac


  1. I do love a good salad, and this one look lovely. The only thing I would change is the lettuce. I will try to use a mixture of different leaves instead.

    It's also a good idea you have about featuring fans foods on Thursdays.

  2. I love your idea of using a mixture of different leaves because I think it would make the salad more adventurous. The Features of the Week came from brainstorming ideas for A Taste of Heaven to be more interactive. Its been a great success. I hope I can see your taste of heaven soon. Thanks for visiting and I hope you come back to visit again. Have a great day!

  3. Thanks for giving me the link to Food on Friday. I have put it into Mr Linky for you.
    Have a good day.

  4. I will be back to check out future Friday posts. Thanks for visiting A Taste of Heaven. Come back again and have a great day!