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Friday, February 17, 2012

Late Night Special

Two Urban Licks is heating up the Atlanta scene. Imagine candles on the wall, a live band playing, and “fiery American cuisine.” This taste of heaven is barbecue chicken with creamy bacon collard greens. The half chicken is tender, juicy, and drowning in a sweet barbecue sauce. Then the collard greens are filled with little chunks of bacon, which add a significant amount of flavor. Its consistency is smooth and absolutely delicious. Whenever I visit the hidden restaurant I enjoy the warm, but cozy atmosphere. It’s the perfect place for a late night dinner. From my experience, I would put Two Urban Licks on the top of my food list. I promise it’s a late night special you will enjoy.

FYI: Two Urban Licks

FOOD TIP: Bacon is a great seasoning tool.

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