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Tuesday, January 29, 2013


It almost feels weird writing the word “unique” because I’m so used to placing an E in the front of the U. For those who don’t know, I have a sister named Eunique (Side Note: She was named Eunique because she was born on the same day as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.). During the First Annual Food Awards, Bistro VG won the award for Best Ambiance. Well, their ambiance is not all they have to offer. They are known for their European and French cuisine and their whimsical setting. I went to Bistro VG for a romantic outing and to try something new and exciting. This taste of heaven is sea scallops, rock shrimp risotto, wild mushrooms, peppercorn sauce, and lobster oil. There are a lot of unique elements presented in this dish. First, the sea scallops are seared perfectly and cooked so well that each bite melts in your mouth (Side Note: The worst thing you can do is overcook scallops). Then the rock shrimp risotto, which has a thick and creamy uniform, is bathing in peppercorn sauce and lobster oil. Meanwhile, the wild mushrooms, my favorite, are spread on top to complete the tasteful spread. My taste buds were definitely satisfied after eating at Bistro VG. I was impressed.

FYI: Bistro VG

FOOD TIP: Risotto is an Italian rice that is cooked in broth until a creamy consistency is reached.

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