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Monday, September 24, 2012

Spanish Stew

When you’re in my shoes, you have to be open to almost anything. I travel through the food I eat and the restaurants I visit. One night after class, I felt like experimenting in the kitchen, so I brainstormed some recipe ideas. I had three sirloin steaks, which I wanted to incorporate with yellow Goya rice, and a vine of fresh tomatoes. I combined my ideas and decided to make a Spanish stew with a tomato base. First, I slow cooked the sirloin steaks in spices, herbs, and garlic. Meanwhile, in the oven, I was roasting tomatoes with olive oil, salt, and basil. Once the tomatoes were done, I peeled the skin off and cut them into small pieces. Then I combined a vegetable mixture with carrots, potatoes, corn, green beans, okra, onion, green peas, and lima beans. After the veggies were done cooking, I plated the Spanish Stew over the bed of the yellow Goya rice and dived in.

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FOOD TIP: Lima beans are also known as butter beans.

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