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Monday, October 22, 2012

Sloppy Joe

You didn't have a real childhood, unless you had a Sloppy Joe for dinner. I remember watching the Sloppy Joe scene in “It Takes s Two” with the Olsen Twins. Although the sandwich was messy, it didn't matter because it was a sloppy meal that was delicious. This taste of heaven is Sloppy Joe, on a grilled bun, with red potato French fries. Alright, I was showing out again with this one. A good friend of mine requested this sandwich for lunch, and I couldn't turn her down because it’s a childhood classic. I really don’t have to elaborate on Sloppy Joe because if you haven’t had one, then you missing out. Get it together.

FYI: Manwich

FOOD TIP: Toast the bun, so the Sloppy Joe won't get too messy.


  1. Late comment, but I love this kind of food!

  2. A comment is NEVER too late. Glad you like the Sloppy Joe. Thanks for stopping by to visit A Taste of Heaven. Have a great weekend!