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Monday, October 8, 2012

Please Don't Disturb

I felt like the best way to come back from a commercial break, was to introduce the Seafood Gumbo. Once I saw gumbo on the menu, I knew I was ordering a cup to start off my lunch. This taste of heaven consists of prawns, sea scallops, roasted shallots, spices, peppers, and lobster broth. Every time I eat gumbo, it feels comforting to my soul. I love how the juices are soaked up by the white rice and the spices wake up your taste buds. After I took the first bite, I was in gumbo heaven. The waiter came over to check on the table, and I was in another world. Please don’t disturb me.

FYI: Buckhead Bottle Bar & Bistro

FOOD TIP: Lobster broth can be made from the leftover shells and body of a lobster.

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