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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Shot of Cupcakes

Patron Cupcakes

Description: It's Patron Cupcakes with key lime cake batter doused with Patron and topped with key lime buttercream icing and fresh limes.

I’m SUPER excited about this week because it’s DESSERT WEEK on A Taste of Heaven. This whole week will be dedicated to your sweet tooth. I have a special guest that I would like to introduce. She is a young lady that has a passion for making cakes and her name is Porscha. I met her through a dear friend of mine, and I want everyone to show her love and support. Every dessert posted this week will be available for purchase through Sweet P’s Homemade Cakes & Things. I hope you don’t get any cavities from all this sweetness. ;D

        Instagram: @cupcakeyp

HEADLINE NEWS: I figured since it was Whine Down Wednesday that I’d offer Patron Cupcakes for Dessert Week. Everyone has been enjoying the sugary atmosphere on A Taste of Heaven, and I have to admit it’s been a fun adventure. The Oreo Cake is doing numbers and it’s listed on the popular post as well. I have some new and upcoming ideas for A Taste of Heaven. First, I want to kick off “Tasty Trick or Trick” next week. I will be searching for some Halloween inspired foods to put on the blog, so I can’t wait to see what’s out there. I’m thinking about doing a Pumpkin Competition to show off the best carved pumpkins. If you have any artistic abilities that you want to show off, then you can send me your pumpkin pictures (Side Note: Remember presentation and style). Lastly, I have been brainstorming on how I can incorporate recipes with homemade dishes. However, I don’t know how to provide this information. I do NOT measure when I cook, so it’s difficult to make recipes without measurements. If you have any ideas or feedback regarding this matter, then feel free to shoot me an email or leave a comment. Thanks and I’ll be back tomorrow with more juicy details. 

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