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Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Fruit Tart with Fresh Fruit

Description: It's a homemade Fruit Tart with a vanilla pudding filling and a fresh fruit topping with kwii, mango, and an assortment of berries.

I’m SUPER excited about this week because it’s DESSERT WEEK on A Taste of Heaven. This whole week will be dedicated to your sweet tooth. I have a special guest that I would like to introduce. She is a young lady that has a passion for making cakes and her name is Porscha. I met her through a dear friend of mine, and I want everyone to show her love and support. Every dessert posted this week will be available for purchase through Sweet P’s Homemade Cakes & Things. I hope you don’t get any cavities from all this sweetness. ;D

FYI: Sweet P's Homemade Cakes & Things
        Instagram: @cupcakeyp

HEADLINE NEWS: Since its Dessert Week, I felt like this was the perfect time to share some current news with all of you (Side Note: I like being on center stage with all the juicy information.). I attended the “A Taste of Atlanta” event for the first time this year. Where have I've been? This event was like a heaven made for food critics. I went with an empty stomach and wobbled out with the itis. I looked like the biggest piglet in the barn once I ate barbecue ribs, grilled corn, Creole grilled shrimp, a lobster roll, shrimp jambalaya, grilled artichoke, mussels, sautéed tomato garlic shrimp, and much more. Today, I am making the announcement that I will be attending the “A Taste of Atlanta” event every year, and I will be buying a VIP Pass for Saturday. *This is your confirmation (I#3#3108S).* Next, I’m going on an escapade very soon and I will not be revealing where, but just know that it’s somewhere with flava. You can make your guesses, but I’m NOT telling (Just make sure your checking the daily posts!). Also, I have some juicy news that I will be sharing with the public within the next two weeks. It’s a secret matter that I am hoping will open some doors. Lastly, I am DEEPLY sorry for those who were deprived of their A Taste of Heaven post emails for a week or so. It was my mistake. While I was promoting, I forgot to check the right delivery box. I have fixed the issue now, so we should be back in business. I hope this didn't interfere with your cooking schedules.  Smooches & Love Ya Lots!!! ;D

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