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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Savory Crab

One of my favorite appetizers is crab cakes. Maryland has some of the best crab cakes I have ever tasted. Their cakes are loaded with pure crab and then lightly fried or seared for crunch. Since Maryland is far away, I have to search for the best crab cakes in Atlanta. Plated is a jump lump crab cake over a puddle of tomato butter sauce. The crab cake is placed adjacent to a mixed green salad that is absolutely delicious. The crab meat is fresh and tastes like butter. Unfortunately, I had to share my appetizer, but I would recommend this jump lump crab cake for one person. Savor each bite, and enjoy the moment while it lasts.

FYI: Strip

FOOD TIP: Maryland is home for crab cakes.

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