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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Believe It Or Not

It’s been a long week, and you’re dying for a break. Well, I have the perfect solution. Every Wednesday I will offer a drink to the viewers for “Whine Down Wednesdays.” You don’t have to wait until the weekend arrives to enjoy a great drink. Take a break and have a sip of A Taste of Heaven.

Out of all the beers I've posted, Bud Light Lime is my FAVORITE. Whenever I visit the bar, I always ask for a Bud Light Lime with an extra lime. The bartender always looks at me sideways, but I never pay it any attention. I know it's kind of weird for a female to buy a six pack, but I can hang with the fellas. Believe it or not, I'm usually the one that buys the brews for the kickbacks and friendly gatherings. I even have a private stash in the fridge. 

FOOD TIP: Bud Light Lime launched a ready-to-drink margarita with a twist called Lime-A-Rita (8% alcohol content).

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