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Friday, March 15, 2013

Hometown Pizza


I feel like I’ve been missing in action. If you follow me on Instagram (@enjoyfood4ever), then you would know that I’ve been on a traveling spree. I finally took a trip home to Boston, Massachusetts. It’s been a minute since I’ve been there, but it still feels like home. This taste of heaven is pepperoni and cheese pizza from Sun Pizza. Whenever I go up north, I always keep my pizzas simple; all the toppings and extra fillings are unnecessary. The question of the day is: What makes a great a pizza? In my opinion, the cheese should taste like it’s been aged perfectly and grated straight from the block. The first bite should be like pure heaven. I love when the cheese strings from my mouth; that means it’s hot and fresh. Then the crust should have a slight crunch to pull everything together. As far as the sauce goes, it should be evenly spread across the pie and not taking over the cheese. If you can meet those guidelines, then you have a winner in my book.

FYI: Sun Pizza

FOOD TIP: Aged cheese can be enjoyed  with a classic glass of wine. 


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